We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ radically transforms, drives, motivates and enables us to sacrifice all and risk everything for the Kingdom of God. We are passionate in our pursuit of Jesus as we strive to reproduce Christ-centered culture. At Forest Park we want to do more than impact our community, we want to influence culture. When we influence culture we can influence the values of culture to being centered on Jesus Christ.


To accomplish this vision our mission is to:

  • Be a Christ-centered Church: A Church that preaches the Gospel, but also lives out the Gospel as we engage culture in our community.
  • Develop Christ-centered families: Families that pray, serve and worship together.
  • Engage our community to be Christ-centered: Actively engage in the life and struggles of our community by partnering with other churches, non-profit organizations, government agencies and residents to rally the community for the community.
  • Planting Christ-centered churches:  Multiplying and reproducing churches that preach and live out the Gospel.

To pursue our mission you can engage in the life of the church by being:

  • Be Generous: As a result of the grace made visible to us it overflows in generosity. When we embrace irrational generosity it changes lives – ours and the people being impacted by our generosity.
  • Be a Servant: Service is motivated by the reconciling work of Jesus and seeks to extend His grace and mercy to others. When we engage in service it leads to life fulfillment.
  • Live Intentionally:  With our time, resources and in our relationship with God, one another and others. When we live intentionally we become the followers Jesus called us to be as we are leading our families, serving and reaching the people in our lives.